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Kate Winslet Strips in Vanity Fair

Kate Winslet in Naked Photo Shoot

Kate Winslet has stripped off for a seriously sexy photoshoot – in which she appears in nothing but a cream coat and gold platforms.

The actress stripped naked for the latest issue of Vanity Fair – and was barely recognisable with her Barbie-doll hair and seductive pose.

She also bares her bottom in one image, where she's pictured in sexy stockings and satin heels, while draped over a fur coat on a chaise longue - a pose she famously created in Titanic. .

Six years ago, Winslet took umbrage over a magazine airbrushing her to look slimmer than she really was, but any suggestions of wizardry weight loss here have been poo-pooed.

A spokesman for the magazine said: 'Kate really did look fabulous and hardly needed any retouching at all. Just a little smoothing of the skin tone and covering of blemishes. There was no change in the body shape. She really does look that hot.'

The 33-year-old is currently promoting her new film, 50s-set Revolutionary Road – directed by her husband Sam Mendes – in which she reprises her chemistry with her former Titanic co-star, Leonardo DiCaprio.
resource : Marie Claire

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Kim Kardashian - Hot Babe

Kimberly Kathleen Kardashian was born October 21,1980, in Los Angeles, California. The daughter of O.J. Simpson’s trial lawyer, Robert Kardashian, she and her siblings grew up in a world of immense privilege. They attended the best schools, they ate at the finest restaurants and they wore the latest designer fashions.

They also mingled with some of the world’s most recognizable celebrities and Kim soon developed an intimate bond with fellow celebutant Paris Hilton, whom she befriended in LA’s notorious party scene. Although Paris may have helped to raise Kim’s public profile, the Hilton heiress is far from the only A-lister in Kim’s Rolodex. Over the past five years, Kim Kardashian has also been romantically linked with pop star Nick Lachey, rapper The Game, actor Nick Cannon, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and R&B producer Damon Thomas, to whom she was married from 2000 until 2004. However, it has been her relationship with ex-boyfriend Ray J, an R&B artist, which has attracted the most attention.

The pair’s infamous coupling went under the microscope where the tabloid press began reporting that one of their private sex tapes had been leaked. Although Kim at first denied the video’s existence, the tape’s validity was later confirmed when it was sold to porn purveyor Vivid Video for the lofty sum of $1 million.

Although some suspect that Kim may have been responsible for leaking the video herself, she remained steadfast that she has been uninvolved in its sale and distribution. "Everyone is pretty disappointed and very confused as to what's going on and who's behind this," she has said. "We're just going to get to the bottom of this and do whatever we have to do to stop it." Kim has also made it abundantly clear that she doesn’t suspect her ex-boyfriend was involved. "I've always said I don't think this would be something that he would do for some reason to spite me," she said.

In addition to her burgeoning “film” career, Kim is also a part-owner of Dash, a Calabasas, California-based clothing store which she operates with her sisters Kourtney and Khloe. “We all have very different styles, so it’s a collaboration of all of our tastes put together!” she explains.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Anna Nicole Smith - In Memoriam


Born Vickie Lynn Hogan in Houston, Texas, Anna Nicole was the only child of Donald Eugene Hogan (born July 12, 1947) and Virgie Mae (née Tabers; born July 12, 1951), who married on February 22, 1967. Her father then left the family; he and Virgie divorced on November 4, 1969. Virgie's oldest child, Anna Nicole's half-brother, is David Luther Tacker, Jr. (born 1966). Anna Nicole was raised by her mother and aunt, Elaine (Todd) Tabers, wife of Virgie's brother, Melvin Tabers.

Virgie, who worked as a law enforcement officer in Houston for 28 years, subsequently married Donald R. Hart in 1971. Their child was Donald Ray Hart, Jr. (born 1972). After Virgie married Donald Hart, Anna Nicole changed her name from Vickie Hogan to Nikki Hart. Virgie and Donald Hart divorced in 1983. Virgie then married Joe D. Thompson (1987, divorced 1991), James T. Sanders (1996, died 1996), and James H. Arthur (2000).

Anna Nicole's father Donald married Wanda Faye Atkinson in 1970 and had the following children: Donna Hogan (born 1971), Donald Ray Hogan (born 1973), and Amy Hogan (born 1975). Donald and Wanda were divorced in 1978. Donald married Carolyn S. Vandver in 1996.

Anna Nicole attended Durkee Elementary School and Aldine Intermediate School in Houston. When she was in the 9th grade, she was sent to live with her mother's younger sister, Kay Beall, in Mexia, Texas. At Mexia High School, Anna Nicole failed her freshman year and later quit school during her sophomore year.

While working as a waitress at Jim's Krispy Fried Chicken in Mexia, Anna Nicole met Billy Wayne Smith, who was a cook at the restaurant. The couple married April 4, 1985; she was 17 and he was 16. The next year, she gave birth to their son, Daniel Wayne Smith. She and Billy separated in 1987 and she moved to Houston with one-year-old Daniel. They were officially divorced February 3, 1993, in Houston.

Initially, Anna Nicole found employment at Wal-Mart, then as a waitress at Red Lobster. She then became an exotic dancer, and in 1991, began taking modeling and voice lessons. In October of that year, she saw an ad in the newspaper to audition for Playboy magazine.

Vickie Lynn Marshall (November 28, 1967 – February 8, 2007, better known under the stage name of Anna Nicole Smith, was an American model and television personality. She first gained popularity in Playboy, becoming the 1993 Playmate of the Year. She modeled for clothing companies, including Guess jeans. She starred in her own reality TV show, The Anna Nicole Show.

Born and raised in Texas, Smith dropped out of high school and was married at the age of 17. Her highly publicized second marriage to oil business executive and billionaire J. Howard Marshall, 63 years her senior, resulted in speculation that she married the octogenarian for his money, which she denied. Following his death, she began a lengthy legal battle over a share of his estate; her case, Marshall v. Marshall, reached the U.S. Supreme Court on a question of federal jurisdiction. In the months before her death, she was the focus of renewed press coverage surrounding the death of her son, Daniel Smith.

Playboy and modeling career.

Smith's career took off after she was chosen by Hugh Hefner to appear on the cover of the March 1992 issue of Playboy, where she is listed as Vickie Smith, wearing a low-cut evening gown. Smith said she planned to be "the next Marilyn Monroe". Becoming one of Playboy's most popular models, Smith was heavier and larger than the typical Playboy model. Smith was chosen to be the 1993 Playmate of the Year. By the time of her PMOY pictorial, she had settled on the name Anna Nicole Smith.

Smith secured a contract to replace supermodel Claudia Schiffer in the Guess jeans ad campaign in a series of sultry black and white photographs. Guess capitalized on Smith's strong resemblance to sex symbol Jayne Mansfield and put her in Jayne-inspired photo sessions. In 1993, before Christmas, she modeled for the Swedish clothing company Hennes & Mauritz (H&M). She was dressed in underwear and arranged in seductive poses. She appeared on big posters in Sweden and Norway.

A photograph of Smith was used by New York magazine on the cover of its August 22, 1994 issue titled White Trash Nation. In the photo, she appears squatting in a short skirt and cowboy boots as she eats chips. In October 1994, Smith's lawyer initiated a $5,000,000 lawsuit against the magazine claiming unauthorized use of her photo and that the article had damaged her reputation. Her lawyer said that Smith was told she was being photographed to embody the "all-American-woman look", and that they wanted glamor shots. He further stated that the picture used was taken for fun during a break.

Marriage to Marshall

While performing at Gigi's, a Houston strip club, in October 1991, Smith met elderly oil billionaire J. Howard Marshall and they began a relationship. During their two-year relationship, he reportedly lavished gifts on her and asked her to marry him several times. She divorced her husband Billy on February 3, 1993, in Houston. On June 27, 1994, Smith, 26, and Marshall, 89, married in Houston.

This resulted in a great deal of gossip about her marrying him for his money. Though she reportedly never lived with him, Smith maintained that she loved her husband, and age did not matter to her. Thirteen months after his marriage to Smith, Marshall died on August 4, 1995, in Houston.

Inheritance Court Cases.

Within weeks of J. Howard Marshall's death, Smith and her husband's son, E. Pierce Marshall, battled over her claim for half of her late husband's US$ 1.6 billion estate. She temporarily joined forces with J. Howard's other son, James Howard Marshall III, whom the elder Howard had disowned. Howard III claimed J. Howard orally promised him a portion of his estate; like Smith, Howard III was also left out of J. Howard's will. The case has gone on for more than a decade, producing a highly publicized court battle in Texas and several judicial decisions that have gone both for and against Smith in that time.

In 1996, Smith filed for bankruptcy in California as a result of a $850,000 judgment against her for sexual harassment of an employee. As any money potentially due to her from the Marshall estate was part of her potential assets, the bankruptcy court involved itself in the matter.

Smith claimed J. Howard orally promised her half of his estate if she married him. In September 2000, a Los Angeles bankruptcy judge awarded her $449,754,134. In July 2001, Houston judge Mike Wood affirmed the jury findings in the probate case by ruling that Smith was entitled to nothing and ordered Smith to pay over $1 million in fees and expenses to Pierce's legal team. The conflict between the Texas probate court and California bankruptcy court judgments forced the matter into federal court.

In March 2002, a federal judge vacated the California bankruptcy court's ruling and issued a new ruling but reduced the award to $88 million. In December 2004, a three-judge panel of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the March 2002 decision, affirming the Texas Probate jury findings that no misconduct had occurred, Smith was not one of J. Howard Marshall's heirs and that the federal courts lacked jurisdiction to overrule the probate decisions of a Texas state court.

The U.S. Supreme Court decided in September 2005 to hear the appeal of that decision. The Bush administration subsequently directed the Solicitor General to intercede on Smith's behalf out of an interest to expand federal court jurisdiction over state probate disputes. After months of waiting, Smith and her stepson Pierce learned of the Supreme Court's decision on May 1, 2006. The justices unanimously decided in favor of Smith; Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote the majority opinion. The decision did not give Smith a portion of her husband's estate, but affirmed her right to pursue a share of it in federal court. On June 20, 2006, E. Pierce Marshall died at age 67 from an "aggressive infection". His widow, Elaine T. Marshall, now represents his estate. The case has been remanded to the 9th Circuit to adjudicate the remaining appellate issues not previously resolved. Further information: Marshall v. Marshall.

After Anna’s death the New York Times reported that the case over the Marshall fortune “is likely to continue in the name of Ms. Smith’s infant daughter.

Personal life:

Birth of daughter
Main article: Dannielynn Birkhead Paternity Case.

Smith announced on June 1, 2006, in a video clip posted on her official website that she was pregnant. "Let me stop all the rumors," she said, while floating on an inflatable raft in a swimming pool. "Yes, I am pregnant. I'm happy, I'm very, very happy about it. Everything's goin' really, really good and I'll be checking in and out periodically on the web, and I'll let you see me as I'm growing."

Though her announcement did not provide any details, in an interview with Larry King on CNN's Larry King Live after her daughter's birth and her son's death, Smith's longtime personal attorney Howard K. Stern said that he and Smith had been in a secret relationship for "a very long time" and due to the timing of the pregnancy, was confident that he was the father of the baby. Her ex-boyfriend, entertainment photojournalist Larry Birkhead, steadfastly maintained that he was the baby's father and filed a lawsuit to establish paternity. Smith's daughter, Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern, was born September 7, 2006, at Doctors Hospital in Nassau, Bahamas. The Bahamian birth certificate recorded the father as Howard K. Stern.

A judge in the United States ordered that DNA tests be performed to determine the biological father of Dannielynn. Following Smith's death, Debra Opri, the lawyer for Larry Birkhead, asked for an emergency DNA sample to be taken from the corpse. Smith's lawyer, Ron Rale objected strongly to this request. The request was denied by a judge, who instead ordered Smith's body preserved until February 20.

According to a story published in the New York Daily News, Donna Hogan, Smith's younger half-sister, has said that the model froze the sperm of her second husband, Marshall, prior to his death. The newspaper said that Hogan wrote in her unpublished manuscript about her sister, entitled Train Wreck, that "To her family, she hinted that she had used the old man's frozen sperm, and would be giving birth to Howard Marshall's child". However, the publisher of Hogan's book described the newspaper's claims as a hoax. On February 9, 2007, Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt said that he had a decade-long affair with Smith and could potentially be the father of her infant girl, Dannielynn. Alexander Denk, a former bodyguard for Anna Nicole Smith, reportedly told the tabloid television program Extra that he had an affair with his former employer, and that it was possible he could be Dannielynn's father. Mark Hatten aka Mark "Hollywood" Hatten also came forward to claim that he was the father of Anna Nicole Smith's little girl, Dannielynn.

After Smith's death, reported that Smith had been given a prescription for methadone under a false name while she was in her eighth month of pregnancy. The Medical Board of California launched a review into the matter; the prescribing doctor, Sandeep Kapoor, said his treatment was "sound and appropriate."

On April 10, 2007, a Bahamanian judge ruled Larry Birkhead, a former boyfriend, as the father of Dannielynn. DNA tests had established Birkhead as the father, with 99.99% certainty. Commenting on the revelation, Birkhead stated, "I hate to be the one to tell you this but, I told you so. I'm the father...My baby's going to be coming home pretty soon." Birkhead subsequently applied for an amended birth certificate listing him as the father, which paved the way for him to obtain a passport for the baby and him to leave for the United States. Howard K. Stern did not contest the DNA results or the ruling. Subsequent to the ruling, Birkhead returned to the United States with the baby. Virgie Arthur's appeal of the ruling was later denied and she was ordered to pay costs.

Death of Son

Main article: Daniel Wayne Smith.

Smith's 20-year-old son, Daniel Smith, died on September 10, 2006 in his mother's hospital room while visiting her and his newborn sister. After the coroner labeled the death "reserved," Smith hired forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht to perform a second autopsy.

His death certificate was issued on September 21, 2006, so that he could be buried. While Smith remained in the Bahamas with Dannielynn and Stern, Daniel's family in the United States, including his father, Billy Smith, gathered with friends on October 7, 2006, in Mexia, Texas, for a memorial service. Daniel was buried at Lake View Cemetery on New Providence, Bahamas, on October 19, 2006, almost six weeks after his death.

According to Howard K. Stern, Smith's long-time companion, she was devastated over her son's death. "Anna and Daniel were inseparable. Daniel was without question the most important person in Anna’s life," Stern told Circuit Judge Larry Seidlin during his testimony in the legal battle after the model’s death. "At Daniel’s funeral, she had them open the coffin and tried to climb inside. She said that 'if Daniel has to be buried, I want to be buried with him,' Stern testified. "She was ready to go down with him." Howard K. Stern revealed that "Anna saw herself as both mother and father to Daniel. From the time I met her, everything was for Daniel. I would say that physically, she died last week, but in a lot of ways, emotionally she died when Daniel died," he added.

Dr. Wecht announced on Larry King Live that the autopsy he performed showed that Daniel died from a lethal combination of Zoloft, Lexapro and methadone. Although he explained that methadone is used in the treatment of heroin and morphine addiction, Wecht said he had no information to make any conclusion why Daniel was using the drug. On February 8, 2007, Wecht said on Fox News that he still had no information about how Daniel obtained methadone.

Commitment ceremony with Stern

September 28, 2006, Smith and Howard K. Stern exchanged vows and rings in an informal commitment ceremony aboard the 41-foot catamaran Margaritaville off the coast of the Bahamas. She wore a white dress and carried a bouquet of red roses, while he wore a black dress suit with white shirt. Although they pledged their love and made a commitment to be there for one another before a Baptist minister, no marriage certificate was issued and the ceremony is not legally binding.

After the ceremony, they landed on the island of Sandy Kay where they had a party and celebrated with champagne and apple cider that had been brought over for the occasion by sailboat.

Regarding the questionable timing of the ceremony, Smith's attorney in Nassau, stated, "They needed a little adrenaline boost because things have been so hectic and devastating in their life recently," The photos of their ceremony were sold through Getty Images to People Magazine for around $1,000,000.

Residency in the Bahamas .

Anna Nicole Smith and Howard K. Stern were reportedly staying in the Bahamas to avoid paternity testing of her daughter in the United States. In late 2006, Smith was granted permanent resident status in the Bahamas by Immigration Minister Shane Gibson. On February 11, 2007 , newspaper photographs were published showing Smith lying clothed in bed in an embrace with Gibson. Opposition politicians in the Bahamas accused the minister of improper behavior. Gibson resigned as a result of the controversy and claimed that the photos, taken by Stern, were innocent.

The basis of Smith's permanent residency status was the claim that she owned a $900,000 mansion, which she said was given to her by a former boyfriend, real estate developer G. Ben Thompson of South Carolina. Thompson asserted that he loaned Smith the finances to purchase the property, but that she failed to repay the loan, and was attempting to regain control of the property. Thompson sued to evict Smith from the property in Bahama Court, and received a default judgment against her when she failed to respond to the eviction, or appear in court on November 28, 2006. Ford Shelley, son-in-law of G. Ben Thompson, claimed that methadone was found in Anna's bedroom refrigerator while the mansion was being reclaimed. A photograph provided by TMZ shows a large bottle of methadone along with vials of injectable cyanocobalamin in her refrigerator.

Death and funeral

On February 8, 2007, Smith was found unresponsive in room 607 at the SeminoleHard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida. Tasma Brighthaupt, a friend of Smith who was a trained emergency nurse performed CPR for 15 minutes until her husband, Maurice "Big Moe" Brighthaupt, Smith's friend and bodyguard took over CPR. He had frantically driven back to the hotel after being notified by his wife of Smith's condition. According to Seminole Police Chief Charlie Tiger, at 1:38 p.m. (18:38 UTC Maurice Brighthaupt, who was also a trained paramedic, called the hotel front desk from her sixth floor room. The front desk in turn called security, who then called 911. At 1:45 p.m. the bodyguard administered CPR until paramedics arrived and she was rushed to Memorial Regional Hospital at 2:10 p.m and pronounced dead on arrival at 2:49 p.m.

A phone call was released to the public on February 13, 2007 involving Seminole police and the local 911 operators, saying: "We need assistance to Room 607 at the Hard Rock. It's in reference to a white female. She's not breathing and not responsive...actually, it's Anna Nicole Smith".

After Smith's death, various legal battles began regarding: the will, the paternity of her daughter, and her final resting place, which resulted in the delay of her burial. Smith was finally buried March 2, 2007 at Nassau's Lakeview Memorial Gardens and Mausoleum in a plot adjacent to her son, Daniel. Daniel's father reportedly wants his son exhumed and reburied in his home state of Texas.

After a seven week investigation led by Broward County Medical Examiner and Forensic Pathologist Dr. Joshua Perper in combination with the Seminole police and several independent forensic pathologists and toxicologists, Dr. Perper announced that Smith died of "combined drug intoxication" with the sleeping medication chloral hydrate as the "major component." No illegal drugs were found in her system. The official report states that her death was not considered to be due to homicide, suicide, or natural causes. The full investigative report has been made public and can be found online. Additionally, an official copy of the autopsy report was publicly released on March 26, 2007 and can be found online.

Ultimately her death was ruled an accidental drug overdose of the sedative chloral hydrate that became increasingly lethal when combined with other prescription drugs in her system, specifically 4 benzodiazepines: Klonopin (Clonazepam), Ativan (Lorazepam), Serax (Oxazepam), and Valium (Diazepam). Furthermore, she had taken Benadryl (Diphenhydramine) and Topamax (Toprimate), an anticonvulsant GABA agonist, which likely contributed to the sedative effect of chloral hydrate and the benzodiazepines. Although the individual levels of any of the benzodiazepines in her system would not have been sufficient to cause death, their combination with a high dose of chloral hydrate led to her overdose. The autopsy report indicates that chloral hydrate was the "toxic/lethal" drug, but it is difficult to know if chloral hydrate ingestion would have killed her alone, since Dr. Perper indicated (in the March 26 press conference) that she had built up a tolerance to the drug and took more than the average person. He indicated that she took about 3 tablespoons, whereas the normal dosage is between 1 and 2 teaspoons. Despite rumors of methadone use due to its involvement in her son's death, Dr. Perper only found methadone in her bile, indicating that it could only have been ingested 2-3 days prior to her death and was not a contributing factor. The autopsy report indicates that abscesses of buttocks (presumably from prior injections of vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) and human growth hormone), and viral enteritis were contributory causes of death. Tests for influenza A and B were negative.

It was reported that 8 of the 11 drugs in Anna Nicole Smith's system, including the chloral hydrate, were prescribed to Howard K. Stern, not Anna Nicole. Additionally, two of the medicines were written for Alex Katz and one was written for Anna Nicole's friend and psychiatrist, Dr. Khristine Eroshevitz. Dr. Perper acknowledged that all 11 prescriptions were written by Dr. Eroshevitz herself.

Anna Nicole's will, drawn up in April 2001, named her son Daniel as the sole beneficiary of her estate, specifically excluded other children, and named Howard K. Stern as the executor. It indicated personal property valued at $10,000 and real property valued at $1.8 million (with a $1.1 million mortgage) at the time of death. A petition to probate Smith's will was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court. The petition to probate lists Larry Birkhead as a party with interest to Anna's estate.

Film and television career:

Although her film appearances in The Hudsucker Proxy and Naked Gun 33⅓: The Final Insult were highly publicized in 1994, little was done to further Smith's acting career. Her first starring role was as Colette Dubois, a retired spy seeking revenge for the murder of her husband, in the action thriller To the Limit (1995).

Smith next starred in the action/thriller Skyscraper (1997), which she also produced, as a helicopter pilot, Carrie Wisk, who lands on a high rise building and, upon learning it has been taken over by terrorists, becomes engaged in a deadly fight to save hostages.

Both films, and Smith's performances in them, were critically panned. During the course of the litigation over her late husband's estate, her career stalled. Her legal battle, her increasing weight, and her reportedly bizarre behavior made her regular fodder for late night television comedians.

In 2002, she debuted in her own reality TV series on the E!cable network, The Anna Nicole Show. The series focused on her personal and private life in the manner of other reality shows, such as the ratings hit The Osbournes. One of the recurring guests on the show was interior designer Bobby Trendy of West Hollywood, CA, who often feuded with lawyer Howard K. Stern.

The debut of the The Anna Nicole Show was the highest rated series on the network, but critics blasted it and ratings dropped with each successive week. However, it achieved a cult status among some, particularly college fraternities. The show was canceled in February 2004 due to "creative differences," but has retained some life in reruns and on DVD releases.

Smith's next appearance on the big screen was as herself in Wasabi Tuna (2003), about a group of friends who kidnap her dog, Sugar-Pie, on Halloween. She appeared as herself again in Be Cool (2005), a crime/comedy about the film and music industries that stars John Travolta, Uma Thurman and The Rock. In Illegal Aliens she stars as "Lucy", which she also produced, a sci-fi/comedy about beautiful space aliens saving the earth from evil.

A film biography of Smith's life is now in the works. The movie will document her rise from exotic dancer to her reality-show-diet-spokesmodel-stardom (from her late teens until her February 2007 death at age 39). Willa Ford will star as Anna in the film.
resource: Wikipedia

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Lindsay Lohan Nude in New York Magazine

Lindsay Lohan Nude In Marilyn Monroe Style
When approached with the opportunity to portray the late Marilyn Monroe in a Bert Stern photoshoot for New York Magazine, Lindsay Lohan was not one to hesitate.

She said of the proposition, “I didn’t have to put much thought into it. I mean, Bert Stern? Doing a Marilyn shoot? When is that ever going to come up? It’s really an honor.”

Lindsay portrays the glamour model during a series of photographs shot by Bert Stern just six weeks before Marilyn’s alleged overdose.

Ha! Lohan as Marilyn Monroe is a complete laugh. The shoot is NOT sexy and the girl is looking beat. Even her exposed breasts can’t save this shoot.

Lindsay Lohan has publicly exposed her body for the first time (except for, um, that chest-'n'-cooter flashing phase) in a New York magazine remake of Marilyn Monroe's infamous photo series, "The Last Sitting." Photographer Bert Stern re-created the iconic photos he took 46 years ago during three booze-filled days at the Hotel Bel-Air. Things were slightly different this time: The one-on-one intimacy of the original shoot was updated with a protective Hollywood entourage; Monroe's airy locks were poorly duplicated by a straw-blond wig; and, presumably, the 78-year-old didn't have designs to sleep with his muse this time around. Some things, though, remained the same: Lohan playfully and seductively rolls amid white sheets and exposes her breasts again and again (and again!) behind a series of sheer scarves.

But Lindsay gives us something even better -- when rock-bottom Lindsay Lohan gets nude she prefers a see-through sheet, and doesn't mind throwing in a couple of clear view topless photos.

Lohan says when it came to being nude before the camera: "I was comfortable with it", though she does confess to having done "250 crunches" the night before the shoot. You can take a look at more photos at New York Magazine.

Regardless, she appears dramatic doing it. Ms. Lohan looks narrow-hipped and voluptuous in the pictures, taut and soft. At 21 she seems even older than Monroe, who was 36 in the originals, and hardened by her excesses. The photographs bear none of Monroe’s fragility. In the first picture — Ms. Lohan wears a platinum wig and false eyelashes for all the images, by the way — she drapes the pink chiffon across her torso diagonally, and if she looks like anyone at all, it is Madonna. Monroe looked available in her Stern photos; Ms. Lohan looks available for sale.

Ms. Lohan has spoken freely about her obsession with Monroe over the years, but it is Madonna’s strategy of managing the image of her own sexuality that perhaps Ms. Lohan hopes to reproduce. There is a chance this approach could work for her if she is willing to offer the world more than her bust line. And if, in her recreational hours, she is prepared to turn simply to yoga.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Kate Beckinsale - British Beauty Artist


Kathryn Bailey Beckinsale (born 26 July1973) is an English actress, known for her roles in the films Pearl Harbor(2001), Underworld (2003) and Van Helsing (2004).

Born in London, Beckinsale was the daughter of actor Richard Beckinsale, who died from a heart attack in 1979, and actress Judy Loe . She has a paternal half-sister, Samantha, who is also an actress. Beckinsale's paternal great-grandfather was Burmese, and Beckinsale has said that she was "very oriental-looking" as a child.

Beckinsale attended the private Godolphin and Latymer School, an all-girls independent school in London. In her teens, Beckinsale twice won the W. H. Smith Young Writers' competition — once for three short stories and once for three poems. After a rebellious adolescence, including a period of anorexia and starting a smoking habit, she followed in the footsteps of her parents and began her acting career. Her first role was in One Against the Wind, a television film about World War II that was first aired in 1991. Having gained three language A levels, Beckinsale studied French and Russian literature at New College, Oxford, though she did not finish her degree. She thought that having an academic background studying foreign language and literature would broaden her range of acting roles.


During her first year at Oxford, Beckinsale was offered a part in Kenneth Branagh's big-screen film, Much Ado About Nothing, adapted from the Shakespeare play. She spent her last year of studies in Paris, after which she decided to quit the university and concentrate on her acting career. Kate starred in a 1996 TV film adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma. She subsequently appeared in a few low-profile films, including Shooting Fish and The Last Days of Disco (both in 1998). During this time, Beckinsale also appeared in television films and in stage roles, including the well-receivedCold Comfort Farm, opposite British silver and small screen notables Rufus Sewell, Eileen Atkins, Joanna Lumley and Stephen Fry.

Her first major American film, Brokedown Palace (1999), was not a commercial success. Soon after, Beckinsale was cast in the 2001 film Pearl Harbor as the female lead, after actress Charlize Theron turned down the part. The film was one of the highest grossing films of its year. In the years following, she appeared in a series of American films that were high-profile, but were given a somewhat poor critical reception, including Serendipity (2001), Underworld (2003) and Van Helsing (2004). Notably, she appeared as Ava Gardner in The Aviator, a role for which she gained 20 pounds.

In 2006, Beckinsale was placed at #23 in FHM's "100 Sexiest Women in the World", after being #71 in 2005. She has also been placed at #16 in Maxim's "HOT 100" (2003), #63 in Stuff's "100 Sexiest Women in the World" (2002), and was chosen by the English magazine Hello! as "England’s #1 Beauty", also in 2002.

In January 2006, Beckinsale reprised her role as a vampire in the movie Underworld: Evolution, a sequel to her 2003 film, Underworld, again directed by her husband, Len Wiseman. The film opened at the #1 spot at the box office, grossing over $26 million in its first weekend of release. On January 24, 2006, Beckinsale was featured on the MTV series, Punk'd. The set-up for the segment took place at the Avalon Hotel in Los Angeles.

Also in 2006, Beckinsale appeared in the comedy-drama Click starring Adam Sandler, which opened on June 23. Next, Beckinsale replaced Sarah Jessica Parker in the film Vacancy, released in 2007. Her next role will be in Snow Angels, which is in post-production and scheduled for release some time in 2008.

At Comic-Con 2007, Kate expressed interest in playing Catwoman in the current Christopher Nolan directed Batman films. In April of 2007, during an interview promoting Vacancy, Beckinsale claimed no knowledge of the rumors linking her to a remake of Barbarella. "I was told on the set yesterday, someone said, 'Oh I hear you're doing Barbarella,' one of the grips. So that's the most official it's become. Every woman would consider Barbarella for a moment, but I don't know."

Personal life

Beckinsale and her ex-boyfriend Michael Sheen have a daughter, Lily Mo Sheen (born January 31,1999. She reported in interviews that during her pregnancy with Lily was the only time she's ever stopped smoking. During the Underworld shoot, Beckinsale split from Sheen, who starred as her mortal enemy, Lucian, leader of the Lycans. She became involved with the director of the film, Len Wiseman. In June 2003, Beckinsale became engaged to Wiseman, and the two were married on 9 May 2004 in Bel-Air, California.

Why Is She Famous?

Kate Beckinsale was the darling of British theater and American art house films, but she saved Pearl Harbor, proved that vampires can be sexy in Underworld, wowed Howard Hughesin The Aviator, and scared audiences in Vacancy.

We never thought "sexy" was an appropriate word for Kate Beckinsale; maybe it's because her earlier roles made her look more graceful than ravishing. But ever since we laid eyes on her in 2003's Underworld or the 2006 sequel Underworld: Evolution, we couldn't get over the sight of Kate Beckinsale in black latex.

It's been all uphill since then: She looked delicious in 2004's Van Helsing and successfully channeled sexpot Ava Gardner in 2004's The Aviator. And who wouldn't love her in 2007's Vacancy or Snow Angels? That same year she made's Top 99 Most Desirable Women list too.

Kate Beckinsale isn't only beautiful to look at on-screen, but her acting chops are actually a pleasure to watch as well. She's honed and perfected her skills in such literary productions as Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing (1993) with Kenneth Branagh and the film adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma (1996).

Since 2000, she's appeared in more than a dozen movies including Pearl Harbor (2001), Underworld (2002), The Aviator (2004), Click (2006), Vacancy (2007), and Snow Angels (2007).

Beautiful, talented and smart? Throw "sexy accent" into that mix and Kate Beckinsale certainly gets our vote for one of today's most tantalizing screen sirens.
kate beckinsale in brokedown palace
Up next for Kate Beckinsale was a role in the 1995 BBC television satire Cold Comfort Farm, which opened to rave reviews in American art house theaters and was a hit by indie standards. She continued performing in British theater for the next few years, and added some more forgettable films to her resume.

After the indie films Shooting Fish (1997) and The Last Days of Disco (1998), Kate Beckinsale costarred with Claire Danes in 1999's Brokedown Palace.

kate beckinsale in pearl harbor
After starring in James Ivory's The Golden Bowl (2000), Kate Beckinsale joined Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett for the 2001 Bruckheimer-bloated epic Pearl Harbor. And she made her bid to become the next Meg Ryan in the romantic comedy Serendipity in the fall of 2001.

The talented actress was also juggling motherhood during this time, as she had a daughter, Lily Sheen, whose father is actor Michael Sheen, in January 1999.

kate beckinsale in van helsing
After 2002's Laurel Canyon, Kate Beckinsale starred as Selene in Underworld (2003), joined Hugh Jackman in the fight against monsters in Van Helsing (2004) and portrayed Ava Gardner in the Oscar-winning The Aviator (2004).

She married Underworld director Len Wiseman on May 9, 2004.

kate beckinsale in click
In 2005, Kate Beckinsale donned her unforgettable latex outfit once again for Underworld: Evolution. She also appeared in the 2006 comedy Click starring Adam Sandler. In 2007, Kate Beckinsale revisited the darker side we saw in Underworld when she appeared in the 2007 horror flick Vacancy alongside Luke Wilson
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Commando Kate Beckinsale

March 20 2008 -

Kate Beckinsale caused controversy when she appeared on a US TV show without underwear.

The 'Underworld' actress was a guest on hit series 'Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson' to talk about her new film 'Snow Angels' when she made the shocking revelation.

As she walked onto the stage wearing tight black trousers and a grey top, her microphone pack fell out, and she told Craig: "I can't believe that's fallen out. They wanted to hook it onto the back of my knickers, but I am going commando, so they couldn't do it! So there was nothing to hook them on so it fell out."

Kate's commando stunt is the latest in a series of sexual jokes the 34-year-old beauty has recently made.

The British star - who is married to film director Len Wiseman and has a nine-year-old daughter Lily with former lover Michael Sheen - recently revealed her nickname for her private parts is 'Pharaoh's Tomb'.

She said: "I was called a sl*t when I split up with Michael and began seeing Len, but I've only ever had about three boyfriends. Only a handful of people have seen into the Pharaoh's Tomb!"

The actress also said she would rather eat a woman's vagina than have a sushi dinner.

She laughed: "I can't do raw. I can't do sushi, even. I'd rather eat an actual vagina than that, honestly!"

Kate Beckinsale's Daughter's Threat
March 22 2008 -
Kate Beckinsale's daughter has threatened to move out if she has another baby.

The 'Van Helsing' actress revealed Lily, her nine-year-old daughter with former lover Michael Sheen, doesn't want to share her mother with a new sibling.

Kate, who is now married to director Len Wiseman, said: "I don't know if I will have anymore children. It feels like a long age gap. Maybe I would go for it if my daughter wasn't threatening to leave home if I even think about it!

"For now, we've just gotten another cat."

The 34-year-old actress recently revealed she and Lily "gang up" on Len for being American and not understanding English culture.

British beauty Kate said: "We've been married now for three years, and together for at least six, so I'm getting over the shock that he's American. I don't understand how anyone has any fun if they're married to someone from their own culture, because we have an amount of ridiculous fun teasing each other.

"We gang up on him with our English accents, and make him eat Marmite and things."

Kate Beckinsale's ex Love

March 30 2008 -

Kate Beckinsale still loves her ex Michael Sheen.

The 'Van Helsing' star admits Michael - who she has a nine-year-old daughter Lily with - will always holds a special place in her heart.

Kate - who is now married to director Len Wiseman - said: "I love Michael, he is fantastic. It shouldn't have necessarily have gone on forever with us, but he is one of my favourite people ever.

"Michael loves Lily, I love Lily and Len loves Lily. Everyone is nice. I do feel like that has been my major achievement in the last decade."

Kate split from 'Blood Diamond' Michael in March 2003.

The actress met Len on the set of 'Underworld' - in which Michael also starred - that same year and the pair married in 2004.

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Brooke Burke in Black & White Hot Picture

Brooke Lisa Burke was born in Hartford, Connecticut on September 8, 1971. She is a middle child, being the fourth among seven children of a Jewish family. She is popularly known as the “hottest tour guide and adrenaline junkie” due to her popular spot on E!'s Wild On in 1997. The new definition of exotic location was seen in a different light due to her tours all over the world in search for the most exotic party locations.

And thanks to her and her crazy escapades, a new line of beachwear known as “Barely Brooke” came to life. This line made its popularity way up to Victoria's Secret catalogue and Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit issue.

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Angie Everhart - Totally Nude Photos


Angela Kay Everhart was born in Akron, Ohio on September 7th, 1969. Her parents, mom Ginnie and dad Bobby, raised Angie to be the well-rounded person she is today. Her mom is even the one who kick-started her career by taking one of Angie's pictures to a local modeling agency.

Angie began attending Harvey S.
Firestone High School, where she became known as the "Firestone Falcon" -- the high school's mascot. Little did anyone know that the high school mascot would soon become a stunning model.

Angie Everhart began her career in modeling when she was 15. Her mother submitted some photos of her to a local modeling agency and later that year, she was on her way to Paris. The next year had her appearing on the covers of Elle and Glamour magazine.

Despite the fact that she has been told she wouldn't make it as a model because of her red hair, she succeeded, eventually posing for various publications, including the annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. She got her debut as a film star on Arnold Schwarzenegger's Last Action Hero. Some of the films she has appeared on include Tales From the Crypt Presents: Bordello of Blood, Denial, Trigger Happy, and Gunblast Vodka.


Following a playful photo session with her mother and the submission of the results to a local modeling agency, Everhart was on a plane to Paris later that year. By the end of the following year, she had graced the covers of such fashion mainstays as ELLE and Glamour magazine (for which she was the first-ever red-haired cover girl). Though a riding accident in which she broke her back at the age of 19 nearly put an end to her aspirations, Everhart eventually recovered through physical therapy. Early in her career, Everhart was advised she would never be a top model because she was a redhead. However, she succeeded in her chosen career and posed for numerous publications. She appeared in several issues of the annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, starting in 1995.

After years of publicly insisting she would never pose nude, Everhart did just that for the February 2000 issue of Playboy. She was ranked #98 on the FHM 100 Sexiest Women of 2003. Everhart made her film debut in 1993 with the Arnold Schwarzenegger action-comedy Last Action Hero. She has since appeared in such features as Tales From the Crypt Presents: Bordello of Blood(1996), Denial(1998), Trigger Happy (1996) and Gunblast Vodka (2000).

Other movies she has appeared in include Jade (1995), and Executive Target (1997), Since then, her feature film roles have been restricted to low budget erotic thrillers such as Another 9 1/2 Weeks (1997) and Bare Witness (2001). She also appeared in the 2004 television series Celebrity Mole: Yucatan, in which she was the rogue agent sabotaging the group. She was one of the "Gingers" on the second season of The Real Gilligan's Island (the other was Erika Eleniak), but left the show when she accidentally cut her finger severely enough to sever tendons and require surgery. Angie was also a panelist on "To Tell The Truth" from 2000 to 2001.

Following Appearances in

The Real Deal
(2002), Bandido (2003) and the made-for-TV movie 1st to Die (2003), she made Super Bowl history by being captain of one of two teams in the first-ever Lingerie Bowl in 2004. She also appeared in Celebrity Mole: Yucatan, and did a great job as "The Mole." Hopefully she will soon land a starring role in a major motion picture and give audiences a breakthrough performance.

Personal life

Everhart was briefly engaged to Sylvester Stallone in 1995, married to Ashley Hamilton from December 1996 until March 1997, and has been rumored to be involved with Prince Albert of Monaco. She briefly dated Howard Stern after his divorce from his wife and before he became engaged to fiancee, Beth Ostrosky. Stern has admitted to it and openly discussed having dated and slept with her. Stern only went public about his tryst with Everhart because she went public with it first, calling Stern the "best sex she's ever had" in an interview with FHM magazine. She met the Duke of York in 2002 and by 2006 they were in a relationship. She has also dated Orlando Jones. It was announced on July 30, 2007 that Everhart is engaged to actor Joe Pesci.

Angie Gets Sly with Ashley
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After a two-month engagement to Sylvester Stallone in 1995, the stunning redhead married Ashley Hamilton (son of George Hamilton, the really tanned guy) on December 1st, 1996. But three short months later, Angie and Ashley decided to part ways and filed for divorce.

Although Angie starred in numerous other films in 1999, such as Running Red, Dillinger in Paradise and Point Doom, she had yet to make her mark in the acting department. While she had already broken her promise to grandma, she decided to go all the way and appeared in a Playboy pictorial in February 2000.

This move re-ignited her career and led to interesting parts in The Substitute: Failure Is Not an Option (2001), Last Cry (2001), Bare Witness (2002), as well as a plum role in the short-lived primetime series UC: Undercover, which was executive produced by Danny DeVito.

This babe has got it all: inexhaustible curves, a narrow face with luscious lips, smooth milky skin, and legs that never quit. This 5'11" redhead has a perfect 35½C-24-35 body, which is nicely decorated with a few artful tattoos. Sure, she got implants in 1995 to boost her career, but we're not going to hold it against her. In fact, we're kind of hoping that she'll hold them against us...

Credit must be given where credit is due; supermodels certainly know how to dress. Some of the younger ones are not fully fashion savvy yet, but if you were in the business as long as Angie Everhart, you'd picked up a trick or two.

She's all about sophistication, wearing evening gowns the way they were meant to be worn. From black leather pants and a cropped jacket to a retro rocker T, everything looks hot on her.
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